Diet in a Day


I start my day rehydrating with water and a cup of black coffee. I switch up my breakfast, but usually always eat some sort of hot cereal or overnight oats with the goal of getting in some carbohydrates to fuel a run or morning workout, and protein and fat to stay feeling full. On this morning I had Seriously Super Cereal from My New Roots made of quinoa, millet, amaranth, buckwheat, sunflower seeds, chia seeds and I add in teff grain. I top it with a banana, blueberries, sunflower seed butter, hemp hearts and dried fruit or seeds for more carbs, fats, protein and flavour. 



What I have for lunch usually depends on what I have to do in the afternoon for a workout. If I have a hard workout on the track, I’ll have a meal with more carbs and a bit of protein. If I just have to go for a second run (of about 6k), then I’ll have a hearty salad with roasted vegetables and some kind of protein, usually eggs. I had a track workout later in the day, so I had some leftover stuffed acorn squash and a mixed salad with raw beets, tomato, red bell pepper, sunflower seeds, spinach topped with the lemon miso dressing from Run Fast, Eat Slow. This acorn squash is super delicious and I highly recommend it for even the most meat loving of people.



Pre- Workout Snack


If you’re reading my blog to find a secret to success, this might be it. I eat two rice cakes with a nut or seed butter, banana and sometimes honey before almost every track workout and race. It’s a trusty
snack that has protein, natural sugar and carbohydrates that doesn’t upset my stomach and is just filling enough. 


Post- Workout Recovery

We all know the importance of eating after a workout to start the recovery process. I’m not a huge fan of conventional protein bars because they aren’t usually made of real food and the ones that are made of real food are pretty pricey. I prefer to make my own bars or bring a smoothie for after a workout. I made the Can’t Beet Me smoothie from Run Fast, Eat Slow with an added scoop of LeanFit whey protein.


This is a favourite of mine. Its salmon with spiralized sweet potatoes with miso maple dressing. This is a recipe from the Inspiralized blog that I’ve come back to a number of times. Its a quick meal that, again, has protein and carbohydrates to refuel after 6k of work on the track. Sweet potatoes are arguably my favourite carbohydrate because they are versatile, easy to work with and supply a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

I also had a salad with spinach, pears, hemp hearts, and beets (yes, I eat a lot of beets). It was topped with this ginger hemp dressing.




I’m preparing to head to Flagstaff in a few weeks and am being extra diligent about my iron supplementation. I have been eating an orange before I take my iron pills because Vitamin C helps increase the absorption of iron.


I wrote this blog as a response to a comment on my previous post, A Beginners Guide to Meal Planning. If you ever have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment or get in touch through email or social media. I’m happy to write what you want to read. 

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  1. Brendan Dills says: Reply

    Going to give the cereal and spiralized sweet potatoes a try! What is your preferred way to cook them? Also, for iron, have you looked into any vegetable based protein supplements? Easy to add into a shake or bake with. The pea protein I use contains something like 40-60% of your DRI of iron. Brown rice protein and hemp are also quite high. A friend of mine, who suffered from anemia, started adding a serving of hemp protein per day into their diet and iron levels are back up to normal/healthy levels for the first time in years.

  2. Aaron Fabi says: Reply

    Hello, I was wondering if you could suggest some eating tips for nutrition in the off season?

    1. aseccafien says: Reply

      Hi Aaron,
      I would recommend eating enough carbohydrates and protein to fully sustain the level of training in the offseason. When you aren’t as concerned about being at a “race weight,” its important to be well fuelled for all of your runs and workouts. The offseason is also the time to enjoy some indulgences. Hope that helps!

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