• Racing
  • Roma! My Diamond League Debut

    I am a squirrely little thing. I get nervous for workouts. I get nervous for intense one on one conversations. I am a bit nervous right now. So, when my coach messaged me “We’re in Rome!!!!!!!!” (exclamation points based on memory), I was extremely excited, but immediately thinking about how I would get to that […]

  • Racing
  • Payton Jordan: A New Season

    Post Olympic depression is a real thing. I thought I could skirt it by continuing my season after the Olympics, but the truth is it will wait for you. The Olympics don’t usually bring you fame and fortune. After the Games, I got a rude awakening that I suddenly needed to find an agent and […]

  • Nutrition
  • Diet in a Day

    Breakfast I start my day rehydrating with water and a cup of black coffee. I switch up my breakfast, but usually always eat some sort of hot cereal or overnight oats with the goal of getting in some carbohydrates to fuel a run or morning workout, and protein and fat to stay feeling full. On […]

  • Training
  • Autumn is for Runners

    Autumn is for runners. The colours. The cool weather. The start of a new season. What is Downtime   Most or all elite track athletes take a transition period where we don’t run for two weeks (on average) after our last race. Thankfully, my season ended on my own terms, not because of injury or […]